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    Using Local Images from Remote HTML page

    nealc991 Level 1

      From a "window.open()" command launched from the index.html loaded in the lauched application:


      newWindow = window.open("http://mydomain.com/portale/loadpage.htm", "logWindow", "height=600, width=900, top=10, left=10");


      From "loadpage.htm" I want to be able to pull images from the "app:/img" directory - this way the remotley loaded HTML/PHP page can use the local resources and not have to transfer the images:


      inside the loadpage.htm the img tag would look something like this:


      <img src="http://localhost/img/logo.gif">


      I am sure it's related to a sandbox, but have tried a fiew variations and have not been able to get it to work.