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    Tabbing issue for readonly fields


      Hi im new to javascripting for adobe forms .

      Kindly help me with the below issue that im facing in the adobe formss with reverse tabbing,

      the reverse tabbing is not working for the following scenarion.


      I have created drop down box (say d1) in which when for certain values it would make a text box(say T1) as readonly,

      but after selecting a value from the drop down and on tabbing the focus goes on to the text box field that has a property of readonly which should not be case as it must go on to the next field (N1)

      I tried setting the focus to get shifted to the next required field but this fails when i do a reverse tab order

      as a reverse tab order takes makes the focus shift to this field (N1) instead of the field previous to drop down box


      urgent help required on this


      Thank you