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    Blank window when accessing PDF via IE URL


      IE version 6.02  SP3

      Adobe Reader 9.1.3  some machines on 9.1.2


      Some folks are experiencing a blank window when they click on a PDF URL.  Some of the URLs point to a virtual directory and some point directly to a file share.  Some of the PDF files have a space in their name and some do not.  There are no error messages appearing.  Some folks have not seen this issue, others get it most of the time.  Some times a refresh will work other times it won't.


      Same results whether going through the proxy or to each web server directly.  Fiddler shows a HTTP 401 which doesn't make sense since the files are open to everyone.  Sometimes I get an IE error message saying it needs to close.


      File size is not an issue.  When I uncheck 'Display PDF in browser' the blank window issue goes away.  But before I settle on that as the solution does anyone have any other suggestions.