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    CSS loading, styles not applying


      I'm having no problem loading the style sheet:


      var styles:TextField.StyleSheet = new TextField.StyleSheet();


      styles.onLoad = function(success:Boolean):Void {
          if (success) {
          //display style names
          } else {
          trace("Error loading CSS file.");


      It just isn't affecting the text with any of the formatting:

      .header3 {


      which I'm applying to simple dynamically loaded text:


      <p class='header3'>FHA Loan</p><p>Federal Housing Authority Loans are government-backed loans designed specifically to help those challenged by their circumstances to become homeowners.</p>

      The text is coming from a seperate text document, and is also not having a problem loading. 

      Could then formatting of the dynamic text box be overriding the formatting with CSS?  I've indicated that the text is HTML in the properties field and in the code 

              prodIntro_text.htmlText = varLoader.prodHTML;

      I'm also loading the stylesheet first...

      Any thoughts on why the paragraph is not being styled properly?