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    video export not showing up

    DoW 1130

      i'm a novice at editing software and after creating some title slides and to go along with .wav file sound effects i started importing mpg movie files and jpeg pictures from my hard drive that went along with an mp3 song.  when i went to export the video to check my progress only the title files and wav sound effects exported and none of the video or pictures or mp3 exported.  i exported it as a windows media file to play in WMP.   Would this have anything to do with the type of video i said i'd be using when setting up my project?  Because none of that made any sense to me and i just picked the dv ntsc standard 48hz aspect.  I have a cannon FS100 that records in MOD files (mpeg2).  I downloaded them through the program that was provided with my camera to the hard drive and then into adobe.  Would this cause my video to not show up in exported projects if i chose the incorrect presets?  I don't want to keep editing this video if at the end i'll have to redo the entire thing due to incorrect presets so i thought i'd try the forums.  Thanks for any help you can give.

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          i'm a novice...none of that made any sense to me


          There's your problem.  Premiere Pro is for professionals.  I very heartily recommend becoming one before you try using software at this level.  For those without the time or inclination to do so, there are consumer level editors out there which will be easier for non-professionals to work with.

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            tclark513 Level 3

            I recommend you do a Google search for "Premiere Pro tutorials".  You will learn a lot from watching these.

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              DoW 1130 Level 1

              yeah, i've actually been watching three sets of tutorials to get a handle on it but hadn't found anything to explain my problem.  was hoping someone might have run into the same problem as me.

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                Jim_Simon Level 8

                hadn't found anything to explain my problem.


                That's not quite the best approach.  Don't look to finding this one answer, look to becoming a well educated professional in all aspects of video production before using this software.  This is not a quick fix, it is a proper months or even years long method (depending on the degree you wish to attain).


                As I said, for those without such dedication, there are consumer programs out there.


                And of course, there is always the option of hiring a professional to do the job.  We depend on folks like yourself to earn a living.  Nothing wrong with supporting us.

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                  Jim, Give me a break. This is what forums are for, sharing information. If you cannot help, perhaps you should find a new one to frequent.