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    Tweening a rotation

      I seem to be having a problem when I decide to do a motion tween to make something ( some text) rotate
      I take some text, turn it into a movieclip, create a tween, rotate CW  90 degrees, extend the tween, rotate CW 90 degrees.  So far so good and the text will turn up side down, so I extend the tween, rotate a further 90 degrees clockwise and it rotates backwards 270 degrees.   WHY?
      I have a work round, which is to create a proper keyframe at the point that the mc is inverted then tween the next section by 180 degrees.  It works but it seems annoying
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          jendehaan Level 4

          I'm guessing that you must be using the Free Transform tool, which has limitations like these where it doesn't necessarily know the way you spin the tool, just the final amount. So since the Free Transform tool gives you -90 degrees, it tweens that way.  I'll file it though, to see if there's something we can do. You can be sure to get the outcome/direction you expect by using percentages in the Transform panel (you can drag the hot text to spin it, which is kinda useful), or using the Motion Editor, to make sure it goes the correct direction.

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            GT324 Level 1

            Hi Jdehaan


            I was not actually using the free transform tool, I was using the menu option Modify>Transform>rotate 90 CW.  Does that just generate the same change as using the free transform tool?


              I see what you mean about the transform panel.  I have never really looked at that before.





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              jendehaan Level 4

              Ah yes, the menu option - indeed it seems to behave the same, yes. I'll make sure that's added to the bug I filed, thanks for noting it.