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    Expanding dynamic form page issue


      Hope someone may be able to help me out with this one?


      I've created a dynamic fomw with the ability to add lines as required, and the test boxes will expand as required also. However I've encountered a problem when the form expands onto additional pages. Everything works fine except that everytime the 'trailer' subform jumps onto page 2 etc. it also inserts'/leaves itself at the bottom of each page.


      What I'm trying to achive, is a form with the ability to add lines which will cascade through as many pages as required, yet only have the trailer subfrom on the last page and not throught the document.


      I'm sure I've just overlooked something simple, being relatively new to this. But I've read through loads of help files and tried a number of thisngs with no luck so far......Any assistance given will be gratefully recieved.


      I've included the form to enable it to be better understood.