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    Batch printing PDF Packages


      We are trying to batch print PDF files from a folder by selecting them in Windows Explorer, right-clicking and selecting Print.  As these are PDF packages, the only output I receive is a document saying "Multiple files are bound together in this PDF packag" and to update to the latest version of Acrobat or Reader.  We are using Reader 9.2.0.


      I have tried creating a DDE action in the file association to do this, but to no avail.  I have also tried writing a batch file that calls AcroRd32.exe using the /p and /t options and that did not work out either.


      This functionality seems to work fine if the documents are regular PDF's creating using a merge or if they were converted using a single source, but PDF packages will not batch print.


      Help please...

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          alpowell Level 1

          Here's a small update:


          I'm able to do this with Adobe Reader 8.1.4, though obviously we'd prefer to be running a version of Reader that is patched and not vulnerable to security breaches.


          I have also tried submitted the jobs to printers that I know suppor direct PDF printing both through LPR and FTP commands and I still get the message I originally attached to this issue.


          Again...any help would be appreciated.