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    Newbie question - SWF file download size


      If I have say 20 different screens to display in a flex application, after I compile the size of the swf file would be quite big (5+Mbs apprx) for the browser to download.  Hence, the users will have a waiting state unless the SWF file is completely downloaded to the browser cache.  And if there are any update to the file the complete file will be again downloaded to the client.


      I want to reduce this download time and ensure that users do not get tired of waiting for download to happen.  Preferably I would like to load the components/screens as and when required (like it is done in java web start).  Is something like this possible in flex?  If yes how?


      One of the approaches is to have multiple SWF files say for every module.  Even in such cases the size of SWF file will be large enough for the user to wait.  It will also display a blank screen on the browser when switching from one SWF file to another (considering it will be done through HTML).


      This is a practical problem and must be faced by a number of applications.  That makes me believe Flash must have something that provides dynamic loading of components as and when clicked.