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    zip and encrypt files to send to server


      I'm trying to decide on the best way to export my desktop application's SQLite database and send it to the server along with binary files such as photos that were also created by the desktop application.  Perhaps I'd export the SQLite data to XML and compress it, but the photos wouldn't benefit much from compression--I would just gain the ability to encrypt them by using ZIP of gzip.  The server is running Java on Google App Engine and there are request timeouts, so I was thinking of sending all the files in individual requests instead of in one big zip file. 


      - - - >  So my question is, which compression algorithm do you recommend me using from Flex?  I see this tutorial here:




      Also, on the other end, the virtual file system will support both gzip and zip:




      - - - >  Also, how do I encrypt the files I'm sending to the server?  I found code for encrypting a PDF, but I need it for other file types.