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    AIR, fullscreen, cpu power and a touchscreen pc: Help!

    saariko Level 1

      hello all


      i need help on AIR in fullscreen mode, cpu power and cores.


      i am a ("2 years old") self taught AS3 programmer, and i have written a specific gaming application which is intended to run on a touchscreen pc in full screen mode, as a gaming kiosk.


      i am coding and debugging on my old G5 dual 2.3 PowerPC mac (screen resolution:11572x870) and i have found that some rendering operations are hard for my computer to do (frame rate drops significantly), even after doing much optimization tricks (like the excellent ones provided by Sean Christmann - http://tv.adobe.com/watch/max-2008-develop/optimizing-adobe-air-for-code-execution-memory- rendering/)


      when i scale the app window down performance improves a lot (but i need it fullscreen)


      as i have never learned computer programming (i am a sound designer "by day"), the terms "no graphics hardware acceleration" and "single threaded" came a bit too late for me... so although I'm not so sure flash/air/as3 was the best way to go to achieve my idea, i currently don't want to switch to another platform/languge.


      i am about to purchase a  touchscreen pc for this purpose. i am considering an HP touchsmart or a Sony VAIO-L for that.


      my first question is: do multiple cores affect AIR performance ?


      hp's best model has an Intel(R) Core(TM) 2 Duo processor T9800 [2.93GHz, 6MB L2, 1066 FSB]

      and sony's best model has a 2.66GHz (Q8400S) Intel® Core® 2 Quad Processor


      my second question is: is there any "wrapper" out there that will wrap my AIR app and help it by using the graphics card for accelaration?


      thanx in advance,