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    Replay Action sequence on button click




      I have several action sequences that play when transitioning from state to state. These begin on the click of a button. I want them to be able to play over an over again each time they are clicked, however they seem to die after the first play.


      Let me know if you have suggestions.




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          Nate B.

          This isn't currently possible without some editing in Flash Builder.


          For prototyping (I wouldn't do this in a production project), you could put a looping video in (maybe 1px by 1px) that has an interaction to play an action sequence on play complete and have that video play on button click.  For each time the video loops, you'll trigger the action sequence.  It's ugly, but it might get you closer to your goal of a repeating interaction sequence.

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            gabrielaVzla Level 1

            Haha... funky suggestion. Obviously, flashbuilder would be the more elegant way to go.


            For now, I'm just separating the pages into separate swf files, and embedding them into html pages, each time they get visited it activates the action sequence, and I'm just using the 'go to url' click to move between these.


            Thanks Nate.

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              I have a similarly question related to replay action sequence in Catalyst. It is possible to do looping between two states? Cannot figure out how to do that.

              In Interactions navi box there is only one option that you can add interaction(only on application start) what if application has finished and animation needs to be replayed all over again...Thanks for help. Przemek