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    FLV source




      I'm making a flash document and in one of the frames I wanna play a .f4v video

      I inserted a player component and in the source parameter I put the location of the video (where it is rightnow)

      but the thing is I wanna publish that document into SWF and burn it into a CD for distribution and I don't know

      what to put on the source parameter of the player component so it will play the video that I will add to the CD


      I don't want to embed the video because I'm worried about the size of the document I hope someone can help


      Source Now --->   /User/documents..../video.f4v




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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          use a relative path to your video.  so, for example, if your video is in the f4v subdirectory of the directory that contains your html and swf files, use:




          as the source.

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            PakoCancun Level 1

            Hey thanks

            but I tried what u said and it won't play anything


            and you also said something about an html file

            I don't have one do I need to have one?


            (sorry kind of new with flash)

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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              if everything was working when you used an absolute path and then failed when you used a relative path, your path or file name (or both) are incorrect.


              and no, you don't need an html file.