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    AI CS4 Crash on Save tip - Windows


      Hey guys -


      Just thought I'd share this solution for persistent crashes on Save, Save As, Save 4 Web in Illustrator CS4 on a PC.


      If you've gone through the "delete prefs" trick and it doesn't solve the crash issue, take a look at your Print Spooler.

      You can try to stop and restart it  - go to Services.msc in the Run dialog box via Start menu - but that did not work for me.


      The tip I wanted to share is this:

      MS has a utility program that will set your Print Spooler back to its default configuration. In my case I didn't have any printers online at the time, but I figured it can't hurt. Sure enough running this little utility program fixed the problem.


      For me the crashes came out of nowhere; was fine yesterday, started crashing on every Save this morning. So apparently the problem is not directly related to a plugin or a new preference.


      Anyway, you can find this microsoft Print Spooler utility program at http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2000007

      Click the "Fix It" icon and d/l the program. Run it and then reboot your system; hopefully that'll do it. It did for me.