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    Print button from "Skinny on Skins" not working in Firefox


      I've added the Print button to the webhelp skin and this works great in IE, but not in Firefox. I click the print button in Firefox and nothing happens. The javascript I added is as follows:


      javascript:parent.frames[1].bsscright.focus();var arrayofDivs = parent.frames[1].bsscright.document.all.tags('DIV');for (x=0;x<arrayofDivs.length;x++) { arrayofDivs[x].style.display = 'block'; };setTimeout('window.print()',50);


      Any ideas would be much appreciated.


      Robohelp version: 7

      Tested in Firefox 3.0.10


      And I just want to say that the Skinny on Skins help file is fantastic and I refer to it often.