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    Plug-in presets gone!

    Skivling Level 1

      I use AE CS4 with Snow Leopard on a MacBook fresh out the box and suddenly (after also installing Photoshop CS4) all my plug-in presets are gone! (wiredly enough a AE CS3 folder appered in my applications folder containing only the Presets folder) They are still in the CS4 Presets folder but wont show up within the plug-in controls... I saw some similar posts on the subject but only in regard to other Applications. Any help in this matter is much appreciated.



      /Finn, Sweden

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          No idea, but apparently yesterday's 10.6.2 update fixes several issues in relation to Adobe apps, so definitely run it and then re-install everything, making good use of the CS3 and CS4 Clean Utility, respectively. The only thing I could imagine is something to do with teh install order and what other Adobe products you may be trying to install, but you have to provide more info about your exact procedures to figure that out....



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            Skivling Level 1

            Thanx. I had to re-install some of the presets but finally i got it to work... I think.