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    Spreading the Still Clips over an audio clip evenly

    Got PRE

      So I am building a slide show movie with backgroud music.


      • 3 sets of pictures showing different time periods of their life
      • 3 background songs representing the 3 sets of pictures



      Is it possible to select a set of pictures and stretch the viewing time per picture equal for the song period with a single step?  In other words select 10 pictures and a song and tell it to equaly display those 10 pictures over the period of time of the selected song.



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          The best way to do this is to create each sequence as a separate video project and then output it as DV-AVI (Share/PersonalComputer/DV-AVI).


          Then open a new project and place your audio track(s) down and your video/slideshow(s) on the video track right above them. Right-click on each sequence and select Time Stretch (or, in version 8, you can use the Time Stretch tool on the timeline) and slow or speed up the clip so that it matches your music.


          For best results, right-click on each segment when you're done and select Frame Blend.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            I do not believe that such a function exists in PrE (unless it's been added), but think that PSE does have this feature to match the Duration to an Audio Track. I know that Adobe Encore (authoring program, but with a rudimentary SlideShow function) can do it.


            Maybe someone more helpful can chime-in. I also do not use PSE, so might be wrong about its capabilities in this area.


            Good luck,