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    Too much activations


      Yes, is correct, I've already activated my CS3 two times, so I can't proceed with a new activation.

      And...no, I'm sorry, I can't deactivate one of two previous activations, because:

      -  I made the first activation on my primary computer, a MacBook Pro, that has stopped work on October 8, and is still on assistance

      -  I made the second activation on another MacBook Pro, but on rent, that is actually on the way to another customer, and of course is completely empty.


      Now, when I try to start one CS3 applications, I see a window that report this two solutions:

      1) deactivate one of the old activations

      2) buy another licence.


      I can't believe that there is no other ways to resolve this problem...



      Thank you,

      Gianfranco - Italy