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    Olympus E-P1: Why DNG files from DNG-Converter, Lightroom or CameraRaw are invalid ?

    Juanlu Cillán

      Hello from Spain:

      I've got a Olympus Pen E-P1.

      I work with DNG Converter 5.5, Lightroom 2.5, CameraRaw 5.5, Photoshop CS4 with my *.ORF files with no problems, and I can convert ORF in DNG with those software smooth, but...

      I can't open those DNG files with DNG Profile Editor. It display a error message "Could not open the selected image. Note that the selected image must be a valid DNG color image".

      I'm trying to create a E-P1 DNG Profile using ColorChecker Passport. When I try to import a DNG file displays a similar error message "Can't open the file. Is a invalid DNG file".

      What is occurring about DNG files from E-P1's ORF?.

      Thank you,