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    Redirected Folders not supported


      I am running Adobe Reader 9.2 and when I launch the app, I receive a Visual C++ Runtime error.  When I try to Uninstall the program, or "Change" it, I receive an error stating that Application Data can not be found.  I can also not install version 8 as it tells me a newer version is already installed.  What can I do?  Is there a fix so I can at least uninstall this program or forcefully install 8?


      I'm going to use FoxitReader from now on.  I know this problem does not occur for users that do not have Folder Redirection turned on.


      I am running Windows 7 Enterprise.




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          pwillener Level 8

          It seems that your %AppData% is not correctly set.  Correct it, and all should work fine.


          But since you are already using Foxit, you can uninstall your old Adobe Reader using the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility.

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            Mike-RDN Level 1

            The problem is that the %AppData% environment variable is a UNC path and not a local path, which is by design for Folder Redirection.  Disabling Folder Redirection is not something we wish to do within my organization.  Adobe Reader seems to be unable to handle a UNC path.  Is there a patch or new version which will handle UNC path names?


            Foxit is not a practical alternative for us.  The organization requires Adobe Reader to be installed and I am only using it as a short term work around.








            Windows Installer Cleanup Utility worked to remove Adobe Reader 9 from the Windows Installer database and let me install Adobe Reader 8.  Seems to work fine, but the underlying problem is still here.  We can't use a more recent version of Adobe Reader...