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    Edge color suddenly changed in captured slides

    FrogSlug Level 1

      I have Captivate 4. I recently completed a series of Captivate simulations, all of which appear to have a black edge.


      Today I was making some tweaks to the simulations and recorded some new slides. The new slides appear to have a blue edge (matches the menubar of the captures). They also are of a slightly different size. I tried re-recording and had same result. See JPGs of Captivate slides below:blackedge.jpg



      I did not (knowingly?) make any changes to the Captivate settings. I used the same computer resolution and theme. I don't know what determines the edge color. I thought that Captivate 4 used a black edge, so I'm not sure what's going on.The border settings and skins are identical between the versions with black and version with blue orders, as are the record settings.


      I'm rather puzzled by this. Any suggestions? Thank you!