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    Preview in browser looks terrible


      I have attached a png of a project I am working on plus a screenshot of how it looks when previewed in FF (3.4,3.5). I also have the same preview in IE.


      I sent the png to a friend and he tested it in 2 browsers (FF and IE) and they worked fine.


      I do not understand what is causing this problem but it is seriously affecting my progress.


      Could one of you deities have a look and help me out please?





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          Linda Nicholls Level 4

          In the Optimize panel, switch from Index Transparency to No Transparency.

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            Samplecraze Level 1

            Hi Linda


            That worked a treat.


            Can I be bold as to ask you a related question?


            I have created a button with states for the about menu button and I cannot get it to go to the about page either in Firefox Preview or when using Preview in Browser. In fact when I preview in FF and click on the 'about' button I get the following error:


            Problem loading page.


            # Check the file name for capitalisation or other typing errors.


            #  Check to see if the file was moved, renamed or deleted.


            I also canot navigate within the Preview in Fireworks using the created menu button even though the links have been set etc.

            However, if I remove the button and use the menu about design and create a hotspot it then works and easily navigates but then I cannot create any states.


            Is the a problem in FW or have I done something wrong?

            I followed Jim Babbag's tutorials to the tee and have done exactly what he has done and I do not experience either problem.

            Cannot navigate in preview in FW and crashes when trying to navigate in FF.


            Thanks for any help.



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              Jim_Babbage Level 4

              The Fireworks Preview window is just for checking optimization settings and rollover effects; you won't be able to move to a different page using the buttons in your design.


              Preview in browser should work, though. Make sure you are picking your links in the Property inspector from the link list BELOW the dividing line, when creating them in FW. Have you donte anything else such as change the default file extension for the html pages?


              Make sure also you are choosing File Preview in Browser > Preview all pages in ....