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    Javascript Detection of Adobe reader plugin for Adobe version 9.0




      I'm working on a javascript utility that finds out the version of the adobe reader plugin that is installed in firefox and IE.


      The firefox code works fine but I can't detect Adobe version 9.0 for IE using the following code.




           //Look for versions >= 7
            for (var i = 7; i <= LATEST_ADOBE_ACROBAT_VERSION; i++){
               pluginFound = detectActiveXControl('AcroPDF.PDF.' + i);
               if (pluginFound) {
                  acrobatVersion = 7;
                  Document.write("Adobe Version : " + String(acrobatVersion));
                  return acrobatVersion;


      The detectActiveXControl('AcroPDF.PDF.9'); function call results in an object does not exist exception at runtime despite the fact that I have adobe reader 9 installed on my machine. So I assume that the name of the object has been changed for Adobe 9.


      Ihave been googling for most of the afternoon to try and find the correct object but no luck so far. If anybody knows the name of the object for adobe reader 9 and wants to let me know it would be greatly appreciated.