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    PM7 and WinXP SP3

    BigJohnD Level 3

      Following a disaster, I replaced the primary HDD on my home PC with a brand new one last wekend.


      After re-installing WinXP, MSO2K3, CS2, the thousands of updates which took hours and a call to Adobe for new activiation code as I wasn't able to de-activate, there being an HDD failure, I can confidently assert that PM7 (followed by the updates to PM7.0.1a) installs perfectly. And yes, there is a minor error/typo somewhere in the PM7.0.1a update which calls it PM7.0.1.


      And my positively ancient T1 fonts (Gill Sans, Times New RomanPS and Courier) from 1991 were all added by the windows Font manager as expected and without a hitch.


      Export… AdobePDF… also worked perfectly first time with PM figuring it all out by itelf with Distiller 7.  (My default printer is an HP Laserjet 2300PS which probably helps.)


      So for anyone who is having problems with PM7 and WinXP SP3, I can only conclude that years of accumulated windows junk is where to look.


      As they say with windows, if a re-boot doesn't solve, re-install!



      Iechyd da! John
      22:02 10/11/2009 GMT