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    Failing to add audio track on mpeg file


      Hi and thanks for all good answers the recent days. I'm a new and happy user of PRE8. I'm just about to finish an hour long movie. This is when a serious problem occurs in adding the last movie material to work with.


      All thru the project I've added mpeg files without any problems. (Yes I have now started to import these files as AVI with a much better result (less stress on the process) as I have been told to do here). The way I have done this is to add the mpeg files, then saved them for personal computer as AVI and opened them in a new project, cutted them finished and opened them in the original main project file. This has worked well.


      But the very last mpeg file I am going to add came into PRE project without it's audio track. The audio track exists. It plays in media player. But does not join the video track into PRE.


      Is the only solution here to import the file from the camera-dvd?


      Best regards, kjetil, norway