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    Can't see FLV playback controls

    FlashTapper Level 1

      Hi there,


      Embedded a few FLV movies in my flash SWF and they appear ok and play back properly when I test the movie from within flash (CNTRL + ENTER) or just run the generated SWF file i can see the playback controls fine.


      But when i put that flash movie into a HTML file and preview it, the playback controls are nowhere to be seen. I have a strong feeling it has something to do with the location of the playback skin in relation to the movie or html file (but i have copied the skins like 10 times and pasted them into every level of my website and I still cannot see the playback controls!


      I am about to jump off my 3 metre high balcony and end it all....somebody help me!

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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant

          The flv player skin .swf must be in the same relative location on the server as it is on your computer. Be sure that the capitalization is correct and that there are no spaces in the file names. Your computer may be tolerant of spaces and capitalization but the server may not.

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            FlashTapper Level 1

            Ummm...i am just testing it locally on my computer. I have not even got to the stage where i am deploying it from a server?

            Anything else i could do?


            It's weird that it runs from the swf ok. But when that swf is inserted into a HTML page - it does not want to work anymore. Is there a way i could check the target for the FLV playback controls within the flash movie?

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              FlashTapper Level 1

              Seems I have fixed the problem myself. It did have something to do with relative file paths. Just made a copy of the skin and placed it in the same folder as the HTML file that houses the SWF file. Suddenly remember everything in flash movies becomes relative to the HTML page once embedded into them.


              Just having a senior moment....thanks for your assistance Rob.