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    Can't Reinstall Trial after 1 day


      I have a brand new windows 7 machine and am considering buying an editing package (I have been using Avid Liquid 7 but it is still stick on XP).  I downloaded the Premier Pro trial and installed it.  Before I had a chance to try it out, I had some issues with my machine and had to restore it back before the installation.  Now when I attempt to reinstall Premier, the installation fails.


      I called tech suppot and they were worthless, told me they were not allowed to tell me how to do it and to check here on the forum for an answer,


      What a bunch of BS.  Surely they can check their records and see when I downloaded it and provide a way to do a reinstall.  This kind of inflexable policy on the part of tech support does not bode well for future issues.  I can't even find an email address on their web site to file a formal complaint.


      I tried running the cleaner utility but it didn't help.


      Anyway, if someone has a solution I would greatly appreciate it, otherwise I will be looking elsewhere for software after this experience.