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    Extracting additional files, where? (CS3)

    Bruce BFD Level 1

      I am running AECS3 at work. We had to put in a new hard drive, which meant wiping out AE and installing it on the new HDD. However, I kept getting an error message that there were additional files that need to be installed, and all of my CC effects are gone. So, I had my IT guy download the file with all of the effects (837MB). However, I don't know where to extract the files. I tried both Support Files>Presets and Support Files>Plug-ins, but neither works. I looked on the Adobe site and couldn't find any info that would help. Could someone please tell me where to extract them to?

      Thanks in advance

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Please be more specific. What operating system? Was the software correctly installed as administrator? Was the serial input during install or was it installed in trial mode? Support Files\Plug-Ins\Effects\CycoreFX is the correct folder for the CC effects, however the plug-ins would not show up, if the program thinks it isn't properly serialized. Specific to Mac, also check that PPC vs. intel thing....



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            Bruce BFD Level 1

            I'm running Windows XP. The software was correctly installed as an administrator (since this is a large corporation, the IT security requires that), however not all of the effects were installed due to some nonsensical decision on Adobe's part to make some of the effects a separate install then not provide adequate documentation.


            The exact error message I receive is "Additional File Formats and Effects Installation: After Effects was unable to install additional file formats and effects. Please reinstall from the original installer with a serial number."


            Note that it doesn't matter if we uninstall then reinstall or try another install over the top of the existing install. That's because the missing effects are NOT included with the original installer. This includes ALL of the CC effects as well as Keylight and probably some others. There is also content missing from Encore. This happened previously when we had to reformat the old drive about 6 months ago. However my IT guy doesn't remember where or how he installed the additional effects because he supports about 1000 people every day so remembering something like this after that period of time is next to impossible.


            I extracted the files to my desktop and here's the file structure (I'm not sure if it'll help, but maybe it's worth a shot) Desktop\Adobe CS3\After Effects\Adobe CS3\payloads\AdobeAfterEffects8All\AdobeAfterEffects8All1.cab and the .cab folder contains a whole bunch of files. If I hit Select All and right click on them I get an extract option. But where would I extract them to? There are so many that I really don't want to have go back in and try to figure out which ones to remove if I put them in the wrong place.


            Adobe documentation regarding this is either nonexistent or buried somewhere

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              Well, just extracting them is not going to work. The files in the install archive are encrypted and without the proper key (via the installer), they will have the right file names, but not contain executable code. Likewise, the CoDecs for MPEG and such won't show up this way. I'm sorry to say so, but you are trying to evade an issue that can't be circumvented. By all rights, this is a problem with your serialization or else the files would already be installed during the main install, it's just not clear why in your case it won't work. Since this seems to be a volume license, this may depend on wrong serials having been issued in teh first place, so you should file a case with customer support. If you can provide one of the install logs (C:\Program Fiels\Common Fiels\Adobe\Installers), I might have a look and perhaps I can tell you something more specific after that.