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    Resizing a component based on screen resolution ..

      Hello there,
      I am facing a weird problem. I have a data grid which is put inside a VBox container(whose horizontalScrollPolicy ="auto") but the some part of the grid cuts off and is not scrollable horizontally. The things is the grid is visible fully on my laptop but doesnt work on another laptop . I guess it has to do something with the screen resolution. Not sure on how to handle this. Any hints friends ??

      Arun B
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          Gregory Lafrance Level 6
          See this FB3 help topic:

          Using the Capabilities class

          By checking the properties in the Capabilities class, you can customize your application to work best with the specific user's environment.

          For example, by checking the Capabilities.screenResolutionX and Capabilities.screenResolutionY properties, you can determine the display resolution the user's system is using and decide which video size may be most appropriate.