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    Flash CS3, Having Problems Creating Button Animation

    Genevieve Ravenspell

         I am relatively new to Flash CS3, and don't use action script... I am creating an animation with sound using the button graphic option so it is a clickable button. I have the animation finished, and the sound embeded, and everything is working great, except when I publish it, I have to click and hold over the graphic for the animation to happen... If I click and release, the animation and sound clips stop... What am I doing wrong and how on Earth can I fix it??? Thank you in advance for any suggestions!!

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          Rothrock Level 5

          Yup, that is how it works. You can't control which state a button is in. So when you click on it, it will go to the down state and when you let go it will go back to over (or up if you release outside).


          Not sure exactly what the "fix" is. It depends upon what you are trying to do. Generally you would need to use MovieClips instead of buttons with event handlers to tell you "button" what to do. Very few people I know actually use buttons.