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    Sony DCR-DVD505 Handycam: Unable to get video clips, audio


      Evaluating Adobe Premier.  Hopefully helpful for other Sony DCR-DVD505 users.





      1) Get videos from Sony DCR-DVD505 handycam into Premier Elements

      2) Drag and drop various clips into Sceneline

      3) Insert menu markers

      4) Burn DVD


      Stuck in Step 1, getting video from handycam, unable to get video clips (with audio)



      First Try: NO AUDIO.


      The Sony DCR-DVD505 burns a mini-DVD (1.4 GB) while recording.  After "finalizing" the disk, the media may be imported into the computer.  Streaming was supported by Windows XP driver but is no longer supported in Windows Vista.   In fact, Vista Service Pack 2 (SP2) does not even recognize the camera as a DVD drive!  So downgraded to Vista SP1 and used the Sony Picture Motion Browser to import media into computer as MPG files.  Each MPG file is a clip (corresponding exactly to camera record on-off sequence while shooting).  Then opened up Adobe Premier Elements 8.  Used get media to import all the MPG clips into "Organize".  Dragged and dropped various clips...inserted a menu or two and...burned the DVD.  PROBLEM: VIDEO OK, BUT NO AUDIO(?!).  The MPG files on computer play fine (with audio) inside Windows Media Players.  Read all sorts of nonsense about why Adobe Premier (probably old versions) cannot work with "low-quality/compressed" MPG and needs to be a particular type AVI soo....


      Second Try: Capture VOB directly



      Forget the camera.  Insert the mini-DVD directly into computer DVD drive, create a new project and followed directions from  "Lowdown on VOB" http://forums.adobe.com/message/2117743 and "tools to convert to DVI" http://forums.adobe.com/thread/415317.  I loaded the VOB directly and dropped them into  Timeline as advised by the second post (only hitch being the first VOB pertaining to the DVD menu is not recognized and is neither needed).


      However, File > Export is always GREYED out (unusable).  And the status at bottom right seems to be looping on "Background Rendering".  DO I WAIT?  In any case, the whole video is showing up as a single continuous stream and what I want are the clips from the camera?! 


      Then I tried Prism (again as per the second forum post mentioned above).  It simply did something to process 30 minutes of video and crashed in the end without explanation - saying there was an error in conversion.


      Is this AVI conversion even a good idea?  How would I get my clips back??


      Bottomline.  My mini-DVD and imported MPGs plays fine in Windows Media Player.  However unable to extract the camera clips (with audio).

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          Kodebuster Level 3

          Dawg, I have the Sony DCR-DVD305, and have been using it successfully for quite a while with PE7, with few issues, once I had a workflow nailed down.


          I believe the 505 is basically the same camera, with some additional features.


          This workflow worked for me in the past so I'll pass that along:


          Sony Browser to PC as Mpeg.

          Mpeg to Windows Movie Maker, output to DV-AVI, taking default settings.

          DV-AVI imported into PE7.

          This should also work for PE8.


          Upon getting Cyberlinks PowerDirector v7, my new workflow changed to this:


          I take the min-DVD directly from camcorder to my PC, and capture the disk via Power Director.

          PD will convert the VOB's directly to DV-AVI Type 2 on one pass.

          I then load this DV-AVI into PE7.

          (PD v7 was pre-installed on my new PC from HP, or it can be purchased from Cyberlink).


          Other options to try:


          Copy the VOB's directly from the mini-DVD to your PC and use Prism to convert these to AVI.


          Or load the VOB or Mpeg into PE, then use that to convert to AVI.

          (Export to DV-AVI with PE8 is done with SHARE/PC, not Export under the File Menu, which is greyed out).


          I've had many issues trying to work with Mpeg's and VOB's when loaded directly to PE with limited success.


          So if you can get it converted successfully to AVI outside of PE, I've found this to be a better approach.


          Post results, if any of this works for you...


          Note: One other thing, if you are working directly with VOB's to PE, especially multiple VOB's from a single DVD, you can encounter out-of-sync issues between video and audio. If this occurs, review this link from Muvipix:



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            netdawg Level 1

            Kodebuster,  U da mon!  Thanks!!  Your first workflow works great.  And "feels" great: I would like to stick with basic included stuff like Sony Picture Motion Browser (PMB) and Windows Movie Maker (WMM), if possible...nothing against Powerdirector, Prism etc...which may work great for some folks...but did not for me.  Prism made a mess of 16:9 apsect ratio.  PD simply choked.  At least in one instance, the audio is issue seemed to stem from the fact that I moved the mpeg from a 64-bit windows platform to a 32-bit platform.  So this issue could have many possible causes.    In short, import media using Sony PMB (get latest from esupport.sony.com).    http://esupport.sony.com/US/perl/swu-list.pl?mdl=DCRDVD505  As of this writing, PMB is useless with Windows Vista Service Pack 2 (SP2)...as soon as SP2 is installed, the camera will no longer be recognized  as a DVD drive.   So need to uninstall SP2 (and be at SP1) for PMB to launch when you connect the camera to the computer by USB.  Also gone (not supported) in Vista (even SP1) is video streaming...so mpeg file import is really the only option.  This is not bad...I read somewhere that MPG retains original video quality quite well.  Of course, you could buy an Windows XP machine just for video import...(but then probably better off getting a new camera)!  Anyhow, after import, process each clip/file (or combine them into chapters, add titles, transitions etc - if you like what WMM can do) and "publish" them using WMM to your videos directory as NTSC AVI.  I have not tried this...but WMM could take it all the way to burning the DVD you want, but then we are in PE discussion board, so what would be the point ;-)...  As advertise, the AVI  files imported into into PE smoothly and I was able to even add a soundtrack and use default menu.    After confirming that final resultant DVD plays completely, I bought PE 8 and changed my trial version to full install.

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              Kodebuster Level 3

              Glad to see that things worked out okay.


              Just goes to show, PE8 works fine when you've nailed down a decent workflow...