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    Trouble activating upgrade


      Hey all,


      I just purchased Flash CS4 upgrade and I have Adobe Web Premier CS3 along with Studio 8.   I see that that those specific products do not appear in the "you already own'" list when it comes time to enter my past serial number.   When I called Adobe in the past they said I could upgrade to flash CS4 because I already own Adobe Web Premier CS3.


      So now I'm wondering, because I purchased those two suites in the past, I'm not allowed to upgrade to flash CS4?  I mean, I put more money into Adobe's pocket by purchasing the suites instead of just Flash alone, shouldn't I at least be allowed to upgrade to just Flash??


      Has anyone else had this issue?   Also was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on this.


      I can prove to Adobe that I have Studio and CS3.  Looks like I'll be calling them at 5am...

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          I solved the issue. If you're an Adobe Web Premier CS3 suite owner, you still need Flash CS3 to be installed on your computer in order to upgrade to Flash CS4. I thought that just because I purchased the CS3 suite, I could use just the serial number to complete the upgrade...wrong.


          It's strange because I do NOT need to have Studio 8 installed on my computer when i install and run the CS3 suite. I just have to use the Studio 8 serial number at first run.  Isn't that the way it should be??


          I thought the days of having to re-install old versions of software to just to install new versions where over...I guess not     Oh well, thank God the problem is solved.