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    Annotation:  CartesianDataCanvas.addChild(Sprite)


      I want to draw my own custom shapes at specific data points.


      I could get the pixel coordinate from CartesianDataCanvas and using graphics element of CartesianDataCanvas, I could draw custom shape.


      But I would like to have my drawing in a sprite and add it to datacavas.


      When I try to add the Sprite to CartesianDataCanvas, it doesn't work.








      var dataCanvas:CartesianDataCanvas = new CartesianDataCanvas();



      var sprite:Sprite = new Sprite();




      var  graphics:Graphics = sprite.graphics;

      graphics.lineStyle(10,  0xCFFFCC,  .75,

      true , LineScaleMode.NORMAL, CapsStyle.ROUND, JointStyle.MITER, 2);


      //I have my custom shape here.

      graphics.moveTo(0,0); graphics.lineTo(500,500);








      ew UIComponent().addChild(sprite));


      Above addition of sprite to datacanvas doesn't work.


      How ever, if try to use dataCanvas.graphics, that works.


      But I won't to do it through sprite because I want to modularize.


      Please respond ASAP.