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    FindChangeByListCS4 Code Doesn't Work (but works inside Find/Change)

    adobechr Level 1

      This body copy is what I am trying to Find/Change using grep:



      12/30/08 7:30 PM @ Wagner (San Antonio, TX) 70-66 (W)

      12/31/08 6:30 PM @ Bastrop (Bastrop, TX) 65-58 (W)

      1/06/09 7:00 PM @ Pleasant Grove (Pleasant Grove, UT)



      The code to delete everything in-between and including parentheses works within inDesign:  Find what: \(.+?\)  Change to: (input field left blank to delete)


      This same code seems to not work inside the script:

      grep {findWhat:"\(.+?\)"} {changeTo:""} {includeFootnotes:true, includeMasterPages:true, includeHiddenLayers:true, wholeWord:false} Find all words within parentheses and delete both parentheses and all words inside.


      I am not sure why the exact code works inside inDeisgn, but not within the FindChangeByListCS4 script. Did I miss something?








      I do have a 2nd question:

      How would I write grep code within this script to re-format the dates above from 12/30/08 to "Dec 30" and 1/06/09 to "Jan 6" etc.? Much thanks.