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    Premiere CS4 keyboard shortcuts

    Deemac1965 Level 1


      I decided to have another go at getting CS4 Production Premium to work. (To cut a long story short, I was on CS3, everything worked fine, upgraded to CS4 and I couldn't get Premiere to output or render anything, went back to CS3!!).


      I've now loaded Windows 7 professional 64bit. (applied all updates)


      Loaded all of CS4 production premium and applied all the updates I could find (750Mb worth!!)


      So now I try Premiere (V4.2) and I have no shortcut keys!!

      Ctrl S does not save, Ctrl V does not paste etc. etc. Absolutely no shortcut keys whatsoever.


      Anyone any ideas? Is my installation flawed? I'm I missing something obvious?

      Never come across a programme with no shortcut keys before. This surely is not correct.


      Thanks in advance

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          Deemac1965 Level 1

          Hi all,

          Me again, just as an aside, but Premeire is actually now rendering my movies - Yipee!! At least we get some good progress and my thoughts of abandoning Adobe completely are put on hold for now!!


          I assume my shortcut issue is a one-off strange one that is unique to me (AGAIN!!)


          Love and peace to all . . . . . .

          (though Adobe are still off my christmas card list this year for now)

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            Deemac1965 Level 1

            OK, for what its worth I have solved this issue myself!


            I reinstalled Premiere and added all available updates and the shortcut keys have now returned. I can only assume there was some glitch with my first install. Anyway as I purchased my CS4 upgrade last March, its only taken 8 months to get CS4 to operate as it should have done!! This is not good in my opinion and I will be VERY warry of any future updates by Adobe.


            I will be keeping a careful eye on this forum in future.


            I would say I highly recommed upgrading to Windows 7 professional (64 bit), especially if you are on Vista (as I was). I'm so far very impressed with this OS (even before a service pack has been released).


            For now I am a happy chap!!

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              Good that you got is resolved. Happy editing.


              The fact however that CTRl+C or CTRL+V did not work is more indicative of a wrong keyboard/region setting for Windows than a problem with Adobe.

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                Deemac1965 Level 1

                Thanks Harm, something to consider, but all the other Adobe progs (PS, AE, AI etc.) had working shortcut keys. I suspect I had a dodgy install with Premiere and a re-install sorted this out. At least Media Exporter is now functioning!!


                I still think I need a new PC though. i7 CPU with 12Gb of RAM etc. to get this lot to actually run smoothly!!


                Is a RAID 1 hard drive setup recommended? Will it help performance?


                Also wondering about a solid state system drive. Any thoughts?

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                  Harm Millaard Level 7

                  A raid1 will not help performance. it will only make a mirror of your disk. SSD's are not yet ready for prime time IMO. Too expensive and too small and still under development for the trim function. In 2 years time, they may be very interesting. I mean, does it really matter if your program starts in 4 seconds or 12, when you have a 2 hour encoding session ahead of you?