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    Problems with PHP return type




      I have two problems with my php-flash builder 4 combination, on windows with WAMP and Zend 1.9. One of my PHP fileshas the following problems with return types:

      1) one of the functions in the PHP class gets "InvocationTargetException:null" when I try to autocheck its return type.

      2) another function in the same class is recognized correctly(and generates a custom value object), but when I get the result of the call, it doesn't work. I tried:

      1) coverting the .lastResult and event.result to my custom value object with an "as" keyword

      2) using myCustomVO(event.result) and myCustomVO(callresponse.lastResult)

      3) keeping it an ArrayCollection and accessing the properties - both via result.property and result['property'].

      4) keeping it an Object and trying to acceess the properties - like the above

      The PHP returns something like this(names changed):

      return (array("r"=>"s","t"=>11230,"wr"=>500,"q"=>array()));

      or it could return:

      return (array("r"=>"s","t"=>1000,"wr"=>0,"q"=>array("qt"=>"this is a text", "tp"=>"type1"));