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    check box selected send chosen data?

    The Converted



      I can't get my head around sending selected data from a flex application to say an asp or php page, can someone please tell me what I need to add


      How do I send selected data values show below, when a person selects item with a checkbox, and send those values to an asp or php page, like you would a basic html form?




      <mx:DataGrid width="338" id="songsList" dataProvider="{playlist.song}"  height="122">

                      <mx:DataGridColumn width="60" headerText="Song" dataField="songid" visible="False"/>
                      <mx:DataGridColumn width="60" headerText="Song" dataField="title"/>       
                  <mx:DataGridColumn width="60" headerText="Artist" dataField="artist"/>
                  <mx:DataGridColumn width="20" headerText="Price" dataField="price"/>
      <mx:DataGridColumn width="20" textAlign="center">
                                                  <mx:CheckBox selected="{(data.@isSelected == 'true')?true:false}" click="{data.@isSelected = (data.@isSelected != 'true') ? 'true' : 'false';}"/>
                      <mx:DataGridColumn width="30" headerText="Image" dataField="image" visible="False"/>