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    Project window "Search" works poorly


      Anoher question that i have in my mind lately: why the same project window  'search' function that works very nice and

      always percise in After Effects is not working half as good in Premiere?


      There were lots of occasions when the search functions can't find the files that are actually in the project!

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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          What version of PrPro are you using?


          In the past, I have not noticed any problems with search, even in some very involved Projects, unless I mis-typed the search criteria.


          Maybe others will share different experiencse than mine.


          Good luck,



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            Victor.D Level 1

            I'm using Pr CS4.2 under Vista 64 SP2. Search often works improperly with lots of XDCAM (MP4) files in the project + lots of bins and subbins.

            (Let's say around 200-500 files)


            If i recall it right in Pr CS3 there was no such problem.

            But like i said when it comes to After Effects CS4 it's such a pleasure to use it cause it works like it should


            I can even make a screen recording to demonstrate this issue if needed