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    Is it possible to convert HTML to XML in as2?

    M.S.H Level 1


      I am trying to develop a stock widget to use in my mobile using flashlite 2.x.

      I have chosen "http://charting.nasdaq.com" to obtain 5days chart /6months chart..

      But I am not able to use XML object for this and parse.. The values are in table format.. So I have to use LoadVars.. but writing a AS2 code

      to obtain values like High/Low price of the stock or volume is very lengthy since the data obtained are not in XML format..


      i tried this


      var example_xml:LoadVars = new LoadVars();

      example.ignoreWhite = true;


      example_xml.load("http://charting.nasdaq.com/ext/charts.dll?2-1-14-0-0-75-03NA000000www-&SF:4|5-WD=539-HT=39 5--XTBL-");


      example_xml.onLoad = function(success) {

           if (success == true) {





      Is it possible to convert them to xml and use relevent methods or xml properties?


      If I use example_xml:XML = new XML() then tracing example_xml (as above) doesn't give any data

      Any help?