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    Problems organising images in project

    Nick@Tag Level 2

      RH8 HTML


      So I've decided to do some house cleaning regarding images.


      1. All my images were previously in a folder called 'images' under the main Images folder that you see in the project manager. I've moved them into the sub-folders where their relating topics are stored. So instead of everything being in Images>Images they are now in Images > Folder Name > folder containing topic.


      This is fine, and once I moved them I also renamed them. All this was done within RH.


      Now when I look in my C:\ I see the images are in the corresponding folders, and have been renamed. But the originals also still exist in the Images>Images folder, with their old names. I just want to be sure I can remove them without any problems, I thought RH would move the images, rather than copy them on the C:\ drive.


      2. Another thing, several images that are not in use in my RH project still remain in the Images>Images folder and I cant get rid of them, I've searched high and low and they are not being used anywhere by anything, not by,  topics, snippets, variables nothing......but RH is not removing them, and wont let me remove them from the project manager.


      Its kind of superficial stuff, but I like things to be organised and clean, and this is annoying me.


      any help appreciated.


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          RoboColum(n) Level 5

          Hi Nick.


          Try running the Unused Files report (Tools > Reports > Unused Files) menu item. This is a reliable source of files that you can delete in Windows Explorer. If the images show up there, you can delete them.


          As far as your other files that you can't delete, my guess is that there is still some reference to them in an underlying project file. Try deleting the project's .CPD file. If that doesn't work get your hands on a search tool and look through the project directory for the image file name. Let us know how you get on.


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            Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

            I think most of what is asked here is covered in this thread.




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              Nick@Tag Level 2

              Thanks, well I moved all the old image files to another folder, and will hang on to them just incase something goes wrong, but it looks like everythings ok. I prefer to keep images in the same file as the topics they relate to, iamges that are used in several topics are usually in a snippet or something similar, so they are in another folder called snippet_images anyway.


              I deleted my 75MB CPD file, and that started a few fun things. Random crash a couple times while saving after re-opening the project, some topics were not opened, so I manually re-imported them, and some images that were in use in the CSS didnt come through either.


              but all sorted now and it looks to be fine.