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    Illustrator CS3 files prints without black when sent to printer




      First, excuse my noobiness.


      I have a large (dimension wise) illustrator cs3 file that consists of a warm gray color for the background and solid vibrant colors on the fore. No linked images, only vectors. Everything is in cmyk. I printed to our laser just to see how the colors are looking and they were fine. Then I plotted it in-house at full size and those prints looked fine too. I sent the same illustrator file to our printer but when they printed it their prints looked pastel/too light as if the file I sent them didnt contain any blacks. Exporting to a .tiff fixed the problem, but I really wanted to avoid .tiff files because of how large the graphics are going to be in the end (about 3ft wide by 18+ ft tall). Is there something that I should've done before turning in the illustrator files to our printer?


      Thanks in advance