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    import Illustrator file into Flash


      I'm using Flash CS4 and I want to import an *AI file that contains the shapes of Europe's countries. The thing is that each country has a filling of dots (blue or yellow) instead of a solid color. Here is a screenshot of my Illustrator screen:http://img5.imageshack.us/img5/6983/testedd.jpg


      When I import the AI into Flash all these dots become rasterized and everything looks like squashed because, I no longer have vector dots but instead bitmaps. Example of the exported SWF: http://takeab.us/SPL_embed/index_carte.html
      (try and right-click and Zoom In; you'll see how bad it looks)


      So, what's the best way in importing an AI file and keeping also the vector shapes? I've tried with a version EPS and still no hope.