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    Making an invisible window visible - problems


      How do I make a currently invisable window named "newwin" visable from the page that launched the window?


      Inside "index.html" I open a new window with the following code:


      var options = new air.NativeWindowInitOptions();

      options.systemChrome = "none";

      options.type = "normal";

      options.transparent = true;


      var windowBounds = new air.Rectangle(20,25,900,600);

      newwin = air.HTMLLoader.createRootWindow(true, options, true, windowBounds);

      newwin.load(new air.URLRequest("skin.html"));


      Inside "skin.html" (launched inside "newwin" window):


      window.nativeWindow.visible = false // works as expected - window becomes invisable


      Now inside "index.html" I have a command to make "newwin" visable again (which isn't working):


      I have tried:


      window.nativeWindow.visible = true (opens up the main application window)

      newwin.nativeWindow.visible = true (TypeError: Undefined value)

      newwin.visible = true (does nothing - no error but doesn't make newwin visable)

      newwin.options.visible = true (TypeError: Undefined value)

      newwin.nativeWindow.options.visible = true (TypeError: Undefined value)

      newwin.activate()  (TypeError: Value undefined does not allow function calls.)

      newwin.nativeWindow.activate() (TypeError: Undefined value)



      all come up with "TypeError: Undefined value"


      How do I make a currently invisable window named "newwin" visable?