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    Director 11 and MIAW




      Excuse for my English...


      I have an old application with Director 8 and I need to do some chenges, but now I have Director 11. When I save this application with version 11, I have an error with MIAW


      The code:



      open window Finestra
      MoveToFront window Finestra



      Fondo is a Bitmap 1 bit


      Someone can help me about this migration



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          Sean_Wilson Adobe Community Professional

          There were lots of changes from version 9 to 10 in how windows are addressed. The 'windowType' was dropped, but setting a window mask is in some senses easier.

          Open your source file in D11, make the stage window active with no sprites selected. Open the Property Inspector and you should see a tab named Display Template. Activate this and under the Appearance Options section at the bottom select your cast member from the Mask drop-down (the bitmap needs to be imported into this file if it isn't already). You might also want to uncheck Visible under the Titlebar Options so that no titlebar is displayed. Save the file. Now when you open it as a MIAW it should display with the properties you chose on this dialog.


          Opening a window has changed a little too:

          on mouseUp me
            tWindow = window().new("Finestra")
            tWindow.filename = "@/finestra"
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