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    Loading External Embedded .swf


      Ok, here' s a doozy (or so I think).  I've been asked to take a video off a website (.swf file) and burn it onto a CD for internal office use.  Unfortunately, the .swf file on the website is severely embedded, and I have tried every way possible to get this file off the site.  I've tried saving the file to my computer and loading it with a Loader in Flash.  The only thing that works is if I take the .swf's embed code and place it on a different website, which is not what I'm trying to accomplish.  So, my question:  is there a way to Load an external severely embedded .swf into a Flash movie?  I understand how to Load a .swf that has not been severely embedded, but I'm stumped on this one.  I understand that companies really embed their content so that people can't rip it off, that' a given.  So is there still no way around this?


      I have used the CS4 Component and Component Inspector to Load the .swf, so I don't have any script to post.  Thanks!