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    DRAG_ENTER Event firing on mouse move


      Hi forum,


      I think this might be a problem with the way events bubble or something but i'm not sure.


      i have a canvas which has a drag enter and drag drop event attached to it.  On drop it creates a Box inside it, which i create in AS3 as so:


      var newField:Box = new Box;
      newField.width = 500;
      newField.height = 50;
      newField.setStyle('backgroundColor', '0xffffff');
      newField.addEventListener(DragEvent.DRAG_ENTER, dragEnter);

      As shown i add a drag enter on this new box.  Problem is when i go to drag another proxy over the canvas and over this new created box it just continously fires the drag enter event that i attached to the "newField".  It doesn't just fire it once when my mouse enters the newly created Box as i would expect. 


      Is this a problem with the drag enter event on the parent conflicting with the drag enter event on its child? 


      Thanks for any help