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    How to show old websites online for showing what you have designed  in the past

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      I have some old homepages which I have designed for some friends in the past
      which now have got new designs but I would still like to have this "old"
      site online because they show what I have coded in the future. What will be
      the best way to do this?

      Earlier I had a site where there was a message popup saying thats this site
      wasn't functioning any more like this example
      http://www.murraytestsite.com/settimeout.html made by Murray but I had been
      contacted from the person which now had a new design that people have called
      the office and yeld him about prices and sailingschema doesn't fit because
      they had searched Google and landed on my OLD site. So I had to take it
      offline but would really like to show it online again. And this is what I
      ask help for.

      I have tried explaining it here "Subject: Template - box popup behavior -
      help" but as you can read Murray couldn't figure out what I ask for. So I
      hope with this new explanation someone can give me a tip. :-)

      Tine Müller - Danish