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    Launching problem MX after 11.5 upgrade




      If this is a general problem, excuse my ignorance as I cant find any thread discussing it.


      I installed my MX-version on my new computer and haven´t been that Director active lately. I had the impression that Adobe offered some free upgrade (if not to update the old Macromedia trademark) so I downloaded the 11.5 just to find out that it was some trial version that Adbe expects med to pay for. Dont have any plans for that at the moment but would very much like to check out some of my older Director apps. But...


      If I try to open the MX version I will get the splash screen and no more. The program is froozen for a while and then it shut down without further messages. I will uninstall both versions and then re-install MX. Hope that will do it for me.


      Anone experienced this?





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          Dean Utian Adobe Community Professional

          You should be able to install Macromedia Director MX 2004 (version 10) as well as Adobe Director 11.5. That's what I have on machine. There should be no conflict between the 2.  The only thing on Windows is that DIR file association may be to the new version. But, other than, all should be fine. If you have problems, you can reinstall. There are updates for MX2004 to version 10.1 and 10.1.1.





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            Micke© Level 1



            Thanks for reply but the problem wasnt that the couldnt co-exist. The problem was that when launching MX it took me too the splash screen (where the ad for 11.5 flashed so Adobe has done something that connects when starting the old MX-version. And "something" prohibited every other action as Director immediatly shut down after some seconds.


            I found the "solution". During the short period of splash I managed to mark the "dont show this at start anymore" button before the program was shut down. After that Dir MX works just fine. Therefore Im more or less convinced that its some evil Adobe (want to sell more) code involved in this. Anyhow, uninstalled 11.5 trial and run MX, thats good enough for me.



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              fazstp Level 2

              Has anyone had a problem with coexistence of MX 2004 and 11.5 on a Mac (OS 10.5.8)? I'm finally upgrading to 11.5 but have a few projects that need to be finalised in MX 2004. I will also need to go back to MX 2004 occasionally for bug fixes and the like. Just wanted to ensure that this won't be a problem before proceeding with the install.