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    Help with improper starting image - Please


      This is a simple problem but will take a little to explain, please hand in there with me.


      I have a flash site located at http://yoshissushi.net.


      If you go to the site click enter and go to the the menu tab by clicking on the Menu tab at the top. Under this tab should be only food images, click the arrows on the left or right to advance a few frames. Now click on the Gallery tab, you will notice that it remembers the last image you were viewing under the Menu tab and once you either go forward or backward the image you first started with is no longer there.


      That is because in each case what it is doing is remembering the last image from the other tab. In each of these cases the Gallery has no food images and the Menu has no customer images. But somehow each remembers the last thing you were viewing in the other tab.


      The Menu tab should always start with the first black screen image ( A black image that says  "Taste of edible art!" ) the Gallery doesn't matter as much.


      So can anyone suggest how I can over come this problem with a script or instruction that will force the Menu tab to refresh and always start from the first image without remembering the last thing seen in the Gallery tab.


      Currently I have attached to the Menu tab;



      onClipEvent (load) {

      _root.current_pic = "_root.food1";




      This however is not doing the trick.


      Please be explicit in your explanation, I am fairly new at flash site development.


      Thanks in advance.