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    Reset Highlight Button State




      When I create a button from text, it will automatically provide a highlight when it is selected.


      I've created the button, so that when it is selected (the button will highlight itself), it will navigate to another page/state. But when I return to that state via a "back" button, the button I originally pressed is stayed highlighted.


      How do I reset that button (to it's normal state), when the button is pressed.


      This problem also applies to my data lists.


      Just a note, I'm NOT using the Wireframe Components that are provided by Catalyst (the buttons they have also have a mouse down state).


      Thanks for your help!

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          acath Level 4

          Hi Baller,


          You have two options:


          1) If you only want the button to look selected while the mouse is down, you should convert your artwork to a Button component and edit the Down state. You can do this by selecting the artwork, choosing "Convert Artwork to Component > Button" in the HUD, and then click "Down" in the HUD. Now you're editing the Button's Down state.


          2) If you are using a custom component as your "Button", if you go to the original state and set the custom component's state in the Properties panel, it will be restored to this state every time you go back to the original state.


          Good luck,